India’s government is becoming increasingly anti-science Scientific American, February 2016
Scientists join writers, artists and historians in protesting the Modi government’s growing interference in academic affairs.

What’s in a name? Whatever you’d like Spectrum, May 2015
What does ‘autism’ mean? And who owns this term? A keynote talk at the 2015 International Meeting for Autism Research dove headlong into this rabbit hole of words and their many meanings.

Alone in a room full of science writers LadyBits on Medium, November 2013
On being the only Indian woman at a science writers’ conference.

A new high-tech grassroots effort to fight breast cancer Slate, June 2013

Risky business Nature, August 2007
It’s not the technology of gene therapy but the regulation of clinical trials that we should be most afraid of, says Apoorva Mandavilli.

Unreasonable doubt Nature, June 2007
A ‘vaccine court’ case on autism could have disastrous consequences if people confuse its verdict with scientific consensus.

Don’t rush your vaccines Nature, May 2007
The ethical debate about a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease has been premature, says Apoorva Mandavilli; we don’t even know how well it works.

Held to ransom Nature, March 2007
A pharma giant’s decision to withhold new drugs from Thailand will only hurt patients, says Apoorva Mandavilli.

Big issues from a small child Nature, January 2007
How far can a parent go in managing the life of their disabled child? Perhaps too far.

Premature medication Nature, December 2006
Handing out experimental drugs to desperate patients is not a good idea, says Apoorva Mandavilli.

Save me from myself! Nature, December 2006
New York is cutting trans-fats from restaurant menus to cut down on heart disease — what a good idea.

Finally: hints of HIV turnaround in South Africa Nature, November 2006
It’s about time that this country hard-hit by AIDS promised help for the afflicted, says Apoorva Mandavilli.

Blog post on bird flu Nature, October 2005
A report on bird flu from a market in Shanghai, China.

The never-ending game Nature Medicine, October 2003

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